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Biography. Dr. Atalay Atasu's research focus is on socially and environmentally responsible operations management, with topics of interest including the circular economy, extended producer responsibility, and environmental regulation.

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Just got my outfit from Aletani. and wow. It's comfortable, lightweight, fits perfectly, and well crafted. You can feel the quality of the materials and the care she puts into her work, and her passion for it is evident in everything she does, from starting the entire process to the final steps.

Adenylosuccinate lyase (or adenylosuccinase) is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ADSL gene. [6] Adenylosuccinate lyase converts adenylosuccinate to AMP and fumarate as part of the purine nucleotide cycle.

Estamos del luto, nuestro compañero Rodrigo de @DYAGipuzkoa falleció en un accidente de tráfico el pasado jueves. Desde DYA Alacantí queremos transmitir a los familiares, amigos y por supuesto, a los miembros de esta gran familia amarilla, mucho ánimo para superar esta pérdida.

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